For Families and Parents

Dear Families,

It is with excitement and enthusiasm that I welcome you to the 9th Grade Academy where our focus is providing meaningful and relevant high school experiences for our students.

There is much research focused on the benefits of a 9th Grade Academy. With our 9th Grade Academy model we will focus on providing students with authentic learning experiences, identifying specific opportunities to help our students understand what it means to be College and Career Ready as well as to identify their graduation pathway. The 9th Grade Academy will create opportunities for more personalized connections with and for our students. Explicitly integrating Restorative Practices into our classroom framework will provide a bridge for building relationships with students. Growing our partnership with the high school will open the doors for our students to feel a part of the high school community. Opportunities for students to be part of initiatives and programs at Elmira High School will increase our student’s sense of belonging and remind them that they are indeed a high school student.

Preparing our students with the tools needed to successfully transition to 10th grade will require rigorous instruction that is meaningful and relevant. Working alongside one another will allow us to support students in reaching their full potential and provide them with a positive, rewarding start to their high school years.

Please look to the resources to the left of this page for additional school resources available to you and your student.

Mrs. Carrie Rollins
Principal, Broadway Academy